Stylus Pen Keychain


Too often corporates looking for unique pen key chain gift combos online end up getting a separate key chain and a pen and then pack them together. But what if there were to be an option for making a gift combo that simply adds these two things and creates a unique pen that also has a key chain. The awesomeness just doesn't stop there. This pen also has a stylus attached to it which makes this pen very useful gift to navigate between multiple devices with the touch screen without getting them dirty. Order in bulk with corporate logo customization to make this key chain gift delight your target audience.


Estimated Delivery Aug 28, Mon - Sep 1, Fri
Minimum Order Qty 20 Units
Product Code DIFN0028
Retail Price Rs 61.00
Size 8 cm
Weight 0.01 kg
Customisation Engraving
Packaging Soft Box (100)
Supply Fluctuating
Material Plastic, feature: With torch and PDA