Helmet Keychains


Are you looking for an appropriate gift for the construction industry? Or Do you want to promote the importance of usage of helmets while driving? The helmet keychains is a great give-away for those promotional usage. These custom printed key chains can be used to promote the importance of using hard hats at construction sites and helmets during biking which is why these are a great gift option if you are looking for promotional key chain for distributing in tradeshows, conferences and events.


Estimated Delivery Aug 28, Mon - Sep 1, Fri
Minimum Order Qty 20 Units
Product Code DIFN0045
Retail Price Rs 104.00 /unit
Size 6.3x4.7x2.3 cm
Weight 0.015 kg
Customisation Engraving
Packaging Soft Box (100)
Supply Fluctuating
Material Plastic