Bottle Opener With LED Keychain


Finding unique keychains online can be incredibly tough. Especially if you want key chains that you want to be absolutely sure that your target gifting audience will love and use everday. Which is why we added not just a bottle opener to this key chain but also a small LED torch. Talk about usefulness and this bottle opener keychain absolutely tops the chart amongst the most useful promotional gifts that are available online. Now remember everytime you are carrying a key, you have a bottle opener and a torch at your disposal too.


Estimated Delivery Aug 28, Mon - Sep 1, Fri
Minimum Order Qty 20 Units
Product Code DIFN0041
Retail Price Rs 87.00
Size 7 x 3.9 x 0.6 cm
Weight 0.03 kg
Customisation Engraving
Packaging Soft Box (100)
Supply Fluctuating
Material Plastic