Electro chemical Metal Marking Machine from Naman Enterprises, Delhi offers unique system for precise marking on any shape and Metal, without stress, deformation and strain. Refer to us for your precise, safe and economical marking requirement. " Electromech" Metal Marking Machine is the most suitable machine for very fine, precise and clean marking on variety of products. Tools, Cutters, Machinery Parts, Bearings, Instruments, Valves Boy, surgical Instruments, Hardware items and cutlery items etc. can be marked safely and economically with this machine.

A large variety of ferrous and non-ferrous material and surfaces are easily marked in seconds. The Marking is durable. Black mark or white deep etching is possible. The process is possible on metals may be hardened, chrome plated or black odized. However, painted or anonized surface cannot be marked. The marking is done with current and chemical through the specially made stencils the exact image of stencil is marked on the job marking of alphanumerical information, logo or any other line graphic is possible through the stencil.