Mystic Fluorescent Green & Orange Dreamcatcher


Price ₹1,099.00


Inspired by Nature. The tree named Alibizia Amara is source of our inspiration. The colors are so bright and the one that we saw was of yellow and green color similar to the color combination of our Dreamcatcher.

The night air is filled with dreams. Dream catchers are conductor of positive energies and directs peaceful and beautiful dreams to the dreamer descending through the feathers whereas bad dreams get trapped in the web and disappear as dawn breaks.
Dream catchers are art and crafts of Native American culture. The original Dreamcatcher of the Ojibwe was intended to teach natural wisdom. According to the legend the Dream catcher brings the energies around you for the peaceful sleep with no negative dreams.

We make exclusive designs for our clients to have an unique experience with every Dream catcher they bring home from us.


Brand    Mystic Crafts & Accessories
Dimensions (In Inches) Width: 6 inches, Height: 21 inches
Pack Content 1 Pc