Quality Policy


The development and management of every real estate project by tulsiani is undertaken with deep-seated commitment towards rendering professional services to clients and adding greater value to our stakeholders. We, therefore, strive relentlessly to fulfill the needs and expectations of customers, minimize impact on environment, and adhere to the highest technical and quality standards in every projects.Towards this end, we:

1. Identify and carry out works conforming to standards/requirements agreed to with the clients.

2. Associate with other companies to render a wider swathe of services to ensure compliance with standards/requirements agreed with clients.

3. Comply with the building and construction best practices and law of the land.

4. Systematically review our procedures, objectives and targets to improve all the activities of the company and management system.

5. Raise the level of core competence and nurture team spirit in the organization by providing inspiring leadership, effective communicatication and regular training.