Tower Subatations are designed for use in distribution application as well as for dedicated loads.Tower substation's are easy to install and are of low cost. These are basic & simplest configutation required for distribution substation. Tower Substation are designed in accordance with IS 14786 / IEC61330 standards with degree of protection for IP 54 with ONAN transformer & with Dry / Cast resin transformer only transformer enclosure with IP23 or per customer requirement.

Key Features:

MS / CRC Sheet fabricated Enclosure as per IS 14786
Load Balancing Lifting Hooks
Collapsible hinge mounted doors
MV / LV switchgear enclosure with IP54
Corrugated tank for ONAN Transformer with IP54
Dry & Cast resin transformer enclosure with IP 23
Safety door switches
Inter connecting MV & LV cables/Bus bars
Powder coated paint, shade- RAL / IS-5 or as per customer requirement
M.V. Drawout type breaker
M.V. Earth Fault (E/F), Over Current (O/C) relay
Aluminum or copper winding
Stainless Steel Tank
DGPT Relay
Pressure Release Valves
M.V. / L.V. orientation, made to suit
L.T. Micro-processor based Trip unit
L.T. MFM / Load manger
L.T. Earth Fault (E/F), Over Current (O/C) relay
HT metering / Load manager
SCADA or PLC compatible
Feeder pillar (HRC fuse / MCCB based)
Dry type / Cast resin transformer
For ONAN transformer, PRV, MOG, WTI / OTI & Bucholz relay
For Dry / CRT transformer, space heaters, surge arresters, Temp. Scanner


MV Compartment .....
MV Switchgear Upto 22KV
Type of Switchgear LBS / SFU / Circuit Breaker / RMU / VCB/td>
Insulation Medium SF6 Gas or Vacuum
Tripping Fuse / Relay
Short Circuit Rating Upto 50 KA or as per customer requirement
Transformer Compartment .....
Installation Outdoor / Indoor Ground Mounted
Type of cooling Oil Immersed / Dry Type
Rating 63 to 1000 KVA
Voltage 433 Volts
Phase / Frequency 3 Phase / 50 or 60 Hz
Vector Group Dyn1 or Dyn5 or Dyn11 or any specific
LV Compartment .....
LV Switchgear ACB's, MCCB's or HRC Fuse
Current Rating Upto 2000 Amps
No. of poles 3 / 4