Pad Mounted Substations are designed for use in distribution application as well as for dedicated loads. Pad mounted substations are easy to install and are of low cost. These are basic & simplest configuration required for distribution substation. Pad Mounted Substation are designed in accordance with IS 14786 / IEC 61330 standards with degree of protection for IP 54 or as per customer requirement.


Specification Oil Type
Tapping Off Circuit Switch
Insulation Class A
Temperature Rise Oil / Winding up to 55/650C
Temperature Protection OTI, WTI
MV Compartment .....
MV Switchgear Upto 22 KV
Type of Switchgear LBS / SFU / Breaker / RMU / VCB
Insulation Medium SF6 Gas or Vacuum
Tripping Fuse / Relay
Short Circuit Rating 50KA or as per customer requirement
Transformer Compartment .....
Insulating Fluid Outdoor / Indoor Ground Mounted
Type of cooling Oil Immersed / Dry Type
Rating 63 to 1000 KVA
Voltage 433 Volts
Phase / Frequency 3 Phase / 50 or 60 Hz.
Vector Group Dyn1 or Dyn5 or Dyn11 or any specific.
LV Compartment .....
LV Switchgear ACB's, MCCB's or HRC Fuse
Current Rating Up to 2000 Amps
No. of Poles 3 / 4