Spray Technics


Spray Technics has the knowledge, experience and capabilities required to meet and exceed sheet metal fabrication needs of large and small companies alike. We have 15+ years of experience and a 4000 sq. meter. manufacturing facility. We have significantly invested in new equipment and technology in recent years, enabling us to provide the most advanced and highest quality services to our clients. We provide design & manufacturing engineering support, outstanding customer service, consistent product quality, and on-time delivery of custom sheet metal fabrication products. We can expedite prototypes in as little as three to five days and production quantities in two weeks are typical.Our custom sheet metal fabrication processes utilize state of the art CNC laser cutting,Plasma cutting, turret punches, automated sheet metal panel bending, press brakes, and robotic welding equipment linked to a centralized CAD/CAM program. The combination of new technology and our experienced engineering staff allows us to reduce costs significantly, delivering on time, every time. Spray Technics, sheet metal fabricators, provide "turn key—design & build" fabricating capabilities for producing individual sheet metal component parts, assemblies, cabinets and enclosures in both prototype and production quantities.

Turn Key—Design & Build
• Dedicated Design & Development Department for the designing of complex parts & assemblies .
• Producing individual sheet metal parts
• As weldments and/or fastener fabrications
• With all hardware and systems (some electrical, electronic, and hydraulic) installed
• Utilizing steel, aluminum, brushed stainless, and pre-painted metals.

SPRAY TECHNICS turns customer ideas into functional realities through cutting edge metal fabrication technology and unsurpassed customer service. From start to finish, SPRAY TECHNICS can produce and fabricate your metal concepts and designs. Featuring quick turnaround, quality craftsmanship and superior customer service, we strive to be the leaders in the field of custom metal fabrication. Through our commitment to continuing education and training, our metal fabricators remain on the cutting edge of technology. We invite you to learn more about us and how we may assist you in your next metal fabrication project.

"If you can draw it and it can be made from metal,
SPRAY TECHNICS can make your drawing a reality!"