Potentiometric Linear Transducer


Our organization is engaged in offering a LTP (Potentiometric linear Transducer) which are available in various colors, designs and sizes. We stand high on the reliability front and offers complete satisfaction to our clients. Our association enables us in sourcing high quality products for a variety of usage.
Stroke up to 1000mm
Infinite Resolution
Very long life, up to 100 million movements
Protection Class IP 65
High operating speed 5 m/s
High independent linearity 0.1%
Max angular movement uy to +-30%
Mechanical fixing and slef alingning linkage using 2 ball joints


Mechanical Specifications ……...
Rod Material Stainless Steel
Temperature range -30...+100 C
Operating speed 5 m/s max.
Life 100 million movements
Protection class IP 65
Resistance element Condutive plastic
Mechanical fixing 2 ball-joints
Vibration 10gl
Shock 40 g
Electrical Data ……...
Maximum input voltage 42 V
Maximum current 1 mA
Max Wiper current 10 mA
Recommended wiper current <1 µA
Resistance 5 or 10 K Ohm
Repeatability % <0.01
Resolution Infinite
Load Resistance ≥1 MOhm