Torque Flow Pumps


Torque flow pumps are manufactured in nickel chrome steel having 500-550 BHN hardness to withstand the abrasive action of liquid being handled. It can handle solids upto full diameter size of discharge connection without danger of clogging. The principle of the hydro-dynamic liquid coupling is used for the energy transfer to the pumped liquid. The impeller generates a whirlpool in the casing and the whirlpool now acts as a pumping elements (implore in the casing. It is a totally non-clog concept in pumping.

Range :
• Capacity : upto 1,500 m3/hr
• Head upto 100

Application :
• Abrasive Slurries
• Sewage
• Industrial Waste
• Sugar
• Pulp and Paper
• Steel
• Power
• Fibre
• Textile
• Waste Water
• Grain Wash
• Solid Handling
• Cement Aquaculture


Supplier Product Code 004