Mixed Flow Pumps


We provide Mixed Flow Pumps that are single-stage centrifugal pumps suitable for handling pure or contaminated liquids in large quantities. These pumps are of robust construction and have long working life. These pumps are also low in energy consumption due to very good efficiency.

The precision machined pump shaft is seated in amply oil / grease lubricated bearings and protected by a shaft sleeve in the stuffing box area. The integrally cast feet of the casing transmit any forces originating from the pipework directly to the foundation, this means that the rotor is not subject to any bending and thus optimal working life of the bearings is assured. Direction for the rotation of the pump is clockwise, when viewed from the driven end.

Electric motors can be used as the prime mover, with diesel engine as the prime mover, the pump's direction of the rotation is anticlockwise from the driven end.

These pumps can be supplied in standard cast iron or in any other non-standard or special material combinations.

• Sugar, pulp and paper
• General water supply
• Power
• Breweries & distilleries
• Sewage disposal
• Irrigation
• Cooling water


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