Solid State Relayss


A SSR is an electronic switching device which uses various semi conductor devices for providing switching and input isolation. There are no mechanical contacts or moving parts.
Compact Size
Indication for control voltage
Universal input Ac or DC
Zero crossing
Relay module is designed as the solutions to integrate wirings and utilized as the connecting interface between electronic and conventional components. They offer user convenient, secure, cost and easy-to-install, easy-to-place input/output platform. The Module offer 1,3,4,8 & 16 relays with one or two changeover contact to fit different application.
Relay with fuse and relay with base
Coil voltage: 12/24/110 V Dc or 115 ? 230 VAC.
Input: Com. ve / Com +ve/Indipendant.
Solid State Relay with input & output LED indication.