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Much of the challenge and excitement in pursuing an academic programme in modern economics comes from the fact that it demands proficiency in a diverse set of skills. A good training in economics combines mathematical sophistication, computational skills and an appreciation of complex societal functioning. At SNU economics, the rigorous and innovative course structure of the undergraduate programme is designed to provide students with both the requisite breadth and depth when it comes to mastering modern economics. Members of our faculty are active researchers, trained at some of the best research universities in the world.
Departmental Society
Economics Society is an active space that facilitates, supports and organizes events and conversations about the economic, political and social issues. It has been holding talks, discussion sessions and screening various documentaries apart from organising an annual economics fest. This year, Econometrika, the economics fest organisedby the society invited students from different universities in Delhi to engage in cultural and intellectual exchange of ideas. The events in the fest included a panel discussion, debate competition, mock parliament among others.

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