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GO Sport, a French global forerunner in sportswear,
equipment, and the fitness lifestyle, was founded in 1978,
in the heart of the Alps following the Winter Olympic
Games held in Grenoble. Part of the Rallye Group,
GO Sport has been focusing on partnering with the
world’s best sports brands to offer products, services
and concepts that inspire and empower individuals to go
forth and delve deeper into their relationship with fitness
and sport. Today, GO Sport’s stores across the world
house 70+ legendary brands, some of which are being
introduced to India, for the first time.
GO Sport as a brand is looking to address the gaps in the
Indian sports brand retail sector by being the only go-to,
organised sports retailer with a multitude of consumerfriendly
power brands and private label brands.
For brands, GO Sport seeks to provide the perfect
platform in the brick-and-mortar format to satisfy the
growing needs of the sports consumer.


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