Three Phase Online UPS


Servokon offers a comprehensive range of three phase online UPS that are designed with efficiency and flexibility at its core. These UPS solutions are known for being at the forefront of power protection. The UPS serves as a mediator between primary power source and the device to which power is to be supplied.
Backed with an in-house manufacturing unit, a team of R & D analysts and a group of professionals is our biggest strengths that has helped to carve a niche for ourselves in this domain. These types of UPS are suitable for the electronic devices that require continuous and consistent power supply all the time.
Three phase online UPS finds its applications in varieties of industries to provide backup to biomedical equipments, telecommunication equipments and domestic electronic equipments. Apart from this, it can also be used in the areas where computer grade power and high level of available power is required.

Prime features of the UPS have been mentioned below:
Equipped with stratified cooling techniques
Low maintenance cost
Excellent efficiency
Compact in structure
Comes in ready to install form
Provided with ground stud
Corrosion resistant powder coating
Fully vented
High performance filters

The use of these Three Phase Online UPS systems is not limited to computers and servers. Today, these UPS systems are widely used for following:
Telecommunication equipments
Biomedical equipments
Domestic electronic equipments