Wheel Balancer Machine


Key Features
Graphic display with TFT monitor
VDD system for accurate and quick readings
Optimization program for tyre and rim unbalance
Automatic minimization of static unbalance
Program options include STATIC, ALU S, SPLIT, USER control
Self diagnosis & self calibration
Low balancing speeds
Very fast and accurate readings
The SPLIT program helps in hiding the balancing weight behind spokes for alloy wheels by accurately recalculating and splitting the balancing weight amount.
User settings for fast balancing
PCV wheels
LCV wheels
Motor-cycle wheels (with optional adapter)


Balancing accuracy 1g
Cycle time 5 – 8 sec
Rim width 1.5” – 20”
Rim diameter 10” – 30”
Wheel diameter (max) 850mm
Wheel weight (max) 65 kg
Power supply 230V, 1ph, 50Hz
Protection class IP 54
Balancing speed <100 rpm