Tyre Inflator Air


We have got wide range of Tyre inflators starting from basic wall mounted gauge with analogue or digital type to electronic pre set type with built in compressor. Its Wall mounted Tyre inflators are ideal for fuel filling stations, small workshops and garages. These are very easy to handle and portable in size.
Key Features:
Inflates / deflates tyre as per the preset pressure.
High performance solenoid valves.
Digital backlit display of set pressure and tyre pressure.
Recommended pressure display board for popular vehicles.
In built air compressor in BIC Model.
Accurate Tyre Pressure ensures proper grip and extends the life of tyre.
Clear visibility in LCD backlit display in day light and night.
Able to perform in rugged conditions with low maintenance.
Used to Inflate and deflate pneumatic Tyres of Automobile.
Ideal for Oil retail outlets,Service Stations,Garages and Tyre Shops.