Tyre Changer Automatic


ATS ELGI Automatic tyre changer adopts a fast and trouble – free method to service high performance alloy wheels. This model reduces fatigue and allows operator to work more efficiently. The rim clamping and bead breaking operations assures that the alloy wheels are not damaged.
Key Features:

Handles both standard steel wheels and delicate alloy wheels
High torque turntable with reversible direction
Tilt – back arm design
Pneumatic lock for tower
Can be equipped with Motorcycle adapter
23” internal wheel clamping
Tilt – back arm provides greater clearance and access
No clumsy adapters required for standard wheels
No tabletop adjustments required
PCV & LCV tyres upto 23” rim diameter
Motorcycle tyres with optional adapter


Motor Power 1.1 kW
Air Requirement 8 – 10 bar
Internal Rim Clamping 12” – 23”
External Rim Clamping 10” – 20”
Bead breaker tire width 3” – 15”
Maximum Tire Diameter 41”
Power supply Single phase