Air Compressor


The ELGi HN series of single & two stage Air Compressors are known for their reliability and performance, making them the preferred choice for industrial applications. Select models are available in base mounted Equipment Company is leading Supplier & Wholeseller of Air Compressors.
Automotive garages
Wood working
Small & medium fabrication units
Pneumatic tools


Horse Power (HP) 0.5 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP, 2.5 HP, >2.5 Hp
Discharge Pressure (in bar) 4-6 Bar, 6-8 Bar, 8-10 Bar, 10-12 Bar, >12 Bar
Maximum Flow Rate (in cfm) 0-200 cfm, 200-400 cfm, 400-600 cfm, 600-800 cfm, >800 cfm
Compressor Brand ELGI