V-Type Nursery Seedling Production facility


Saveer is specialized in establishing V-Type Nursery seedling production facility. The Nursery Seedling Production facility can be fully automated or manual facility. We manufacture and install such facilities and subsequently run them for a stipulated time so that the persons associated with the running of the facility are trained in the operations. The facility can be used for mass production of seedlings/saplings of vegetables, fruits, flowers and tree species.

Key Features:

A revolutionary facility for mass production of quality seedlings of vegetables, flowers, fruits- root stock etc.
This V-Type nursery seedlings production facility helps farmers to be liberated from the agony of nursery raising usually under open field conditions facing all the ravines of nature.
With this technology enhanced cropping intensity, change in cropping pattern and quantitative and qualitative improvement in the marketable yields can be achieved.
The seedlings will be disease free, healthy with strong root shoot ratio and easy to transplant.
With the quality seedlings, the farmers income will increase as such bring prosperity to the farming community.