Two Colour Sheet Fed Offset


The color combination machine offered by us have all cast iron cylinders of sheet feed offset printing equipment like offset machine, four color offset machine, double color offset machine are perfectly seasoned and hard chrome plated fitted with EN-353 hardened bearer rings. They are available with additional optional accessories for meeting the clients requirements.

Key Features:

Lateral and circumferential running registration systems.
Centralized greasing system for all gripper shafts on both ends.
Dampening water re-circulation system.
Automatic centralized oil lubrication system.
Anti set- off powder system.
Compact main control panel, DC variable speed drive mechanism with digital sheet counter, speedometer.
Mechanical no – sheet and double sheet detector fitted for smooth feeding and afe feeding of paper.
All gears of ROMCO sheet –fed offset printing equipment are EN-353 hardened and well grounded.
All transfer cylinders of ROMCO sheet –fed offset printing equipment are covered with Teflon/glass wool coated cloth for blanket & plate clearing.
Pendent of facilitate emergency impression trip off, inching forward and reverse. At every station.


Model Romco/romco
Diamension 110”x45”x57/124”x 50“x60
Weight 1850kg (Approx)/2100kg (Approx)
Maximum Paper Size 16”x22.5/18”x24.5
Minimum paper size 6”x8
Maximum Image area 15.5”x22/17.5”x24
Paper Weight 40gsm to 400gsm
Blanket Thickness 1.9
Blanket Size 19.5”x23/21.5×25
Plate Size 17.5”x23/19.5×25
Plate Thickness 0.3
Gripper Margin plate 1.25
No.of Roller 12 / 02