Single Colour Sheet Fed Offset


The centralised lubrication system supplies sufficient amount of lubricant automatically in frequent us specified I the timer to all functional points during the press operation
Improved Adjustable front Lay for Registration control on.
The Printed sheets are gently & event tested at all the speed Chain Delivery has an unique function of automatically receding wheel away Paper Platfrom.
The perfect design of cylinder gripper senses the rhythm of front lay & side lay. Hence the heart of sheer perfection of registration achieved at maximum speed and simple flexible system adjust to the various paper stock.


Diamension 66”L x 34” W x57/66”L x 44”W x 57/66”L x 45”W x 57/66”L x 50”W x 57
Weight : 780kg/1025kg/1050kg/1200kg
Maximum Paper Size 220-240AC
Minimum paper size 10.75” W x 15.5”L/15.5” W x 20.5”L/17” W x 23”L/18.5” W x 24.5”L
Maximum Image size 5”W x 7” L
Paper Weight 40-400 GSM
Blanket Thickness 1.9mm
Blanket Size 11.25” x 18.5”/18.5” x 21.25”/19.5” x 23”/21.5” x 25”
Plate Size 11” x 16.5”/16.5” x 21”/17.5” x 23”/19.5” x 25”
Plate Thickness 0.3
Gripper Margin on Paper 8mm
Gripper Margin plate 1.25”
Feeding system Suction feeding/Suction feeding/Suction feeding/Front feeding
lnk Roller 12 lnk Roller
Dampening Roller 5Rollers
Main Drive Motor 1HP Single Phase/1.5HP Single Phase/1.5HP Single Phase/2.0HP Single Phase
Compressor pump Motor 1HP Single Phase/1HP Single Phase/1.5HP Single Phase/1.5HP Single Phase