Purosoft Perfect


8 stage Purification Process
Ultra Filteration and mineraliser
low Pressure Cut Off
Fully Automatic water level controller with auto start auto off

State-Of-The-Art Technology:

Wall-mount come counter-top water purifier. No space wastage on and below the kitchen counter.
Modern styling with in-built elegant storage tank to protect from dust and moisture.
Purified water of bottled quality standards yet made at home.
TDS of purified water adjustable on site as per required.
Built-in SMPS to operate form 120-280 VAC for erratic voltage supply protection.
10 ltrs of water storage capacity with water available on demand , even during load shedding
Fully automatic water level controller with Auto-start Auto=Off.
Pure water flow rates varies with feed water pressure TDS and temperature.


Model Purosoft Perfect
Technology RO + UV + UF
Purification Capacity upto 15LPH
Pure Water Capacity upto 12LPH
Duty Cycle 75ltrs/day