Solar Sine Wave /PCU 6000VA/96V/40Amp


Approx. Rs 32,800 / Piece


We offer wide range of Solar PCU. They are highly reliable and are appliances friendly due to high quality of sine wave.

1- DSP based; less components, small size less electricity bill more efficiency
2- Soft start features; protects appliances at startup.
3- Supply the highest quality pure sine wave power; protects your expensive household appliance and sensitive office equipments.
4- Highly cost effective design.
5- Easy to operate.
6- Low maintenance cost.
7 Over load and D.C. low protection.
8 Software controlled Auto self testing.
9 Fully computer friendly UPS operation.
10- Intelligent Auto sense; continuously monitors health of system.
11- AC Input low and high voltage cut off protections in both, inverter and U.P.S. modes.
12- Constant voltage/Constant current pulse charging with wide Input range (130-280) V.
(Charging current-10Ampr)
13- Silent operation of fans, tube light or appliances.
14- Quick change over from Mains to inverter mode.
15- Software controlled Auto reset feature for over load, short ckt and low battery
16- Special charging algorithm to enhance battery life.
17- Fully protected against short circuit of AC mains with output.
18- Phase to phase short circuit protection.
19- Very low no load current for prolonged battery operation under standby.
20- Cooling fan improves reliability of system.
21- Secure operation; No tension for night charging.
22- Intelligent charging; adapts itself to low, high battery, more and less power cut areas, battery health conditions.
27-Auto switchover between solar and mains charging.
28-Zero drop solar charger (10-40)Ampr.
29-Simultaneous charging through mains as well as solar panel.
30-Short charging time.
31-Long battery backup.


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