Extension Strips & Round cords

CNC machines injection Moulded

Multiple options from 3+1 upto 6+6

Multiple wire length options

PVC Electrical insulation Tape ISI Marked

Multiple color options available

Cotton friction tape available

ISI Marked

ISI Marked Polycarbonate Heavy Duty 6A - 16A - 25A Plug tops & Multiplugs

Polycarbonate moulded

Heavy duty contacts

ISI Marked

Batten Holders

Multiple design - models

Polycarbonate moulded with heavy contact ring and heavy pins

Switch - Socket Combined

Multiple models available

Best in class - Best in category

Safety with shutter mechanism

With indicator models available

With ISI mark model available

General accessories regulators for fan

4 models available in different size and speed steps

Emersion Rods

ISI marked copper based heavy duty emersion rods

3 models available