Customized Coffee Mugs : Hawk Induction (Single Side engraving)


MRP ₹445.00


* Engraved Text on Coffee Mug :" Logo "Indian Air Force".

* Your message does not fade with time. :) Try our exciting range of bright color engraved mugs. The entire text and design is engraved on the mug instead of being printed. So your message stays intact for ever.

* Personalize this coffee mug with a company logo, inspiring quote, employees name etc.

* Quick Shipping Available for Most Coffee Mug.

* All Coffee Mugs are individually packed in a Pinnacle Box.

* All our Coffee mugs are made from Extra fine Porcelain and color used in mugs are food safe. All our mugs are FDA certified.


Dimensions 3.75"H x 3"W (Rim Diameter)
Color Red