Aircraft Pins (MiG 29)


MRP ₹350.00


* This lapel pin is a scaled down model of MiG 29 Plane used by the Indian Air force.

* 3D Lapel Pins work perfectly as commemorative gift, even better it comes at a fraction of cost as compared to glass and crystal mementos.

* When you order your airplane lapel pin or any other 3D lapel pin you will always get meticulously crafted pins where great attention is paid to details.

* Our high quality pins will never spoil your shirt or uniform and our butterfly pin will always protect you from getting pierced accidentally.

* Our production process is customized to handle perfect plating and polishing of these small aircraft pins.* Write to us at to know how we can make your custom lapel pin in 3D.

* Color options available Bright Gold and Bright Silver.