Double Pole-1


Orient introduces the new EuroTech range of RCCB's rating from 25A to 63A having 30mA to 300mA current sensitivity. The range offers a variety of feature benefits such as Conditional Short Circuit Breaking Capacity of 10 kA across the entire range of RCCBs in accordance with IS 12640-1 and IEC 61008-1, it also incorporates features like Sealing cover, dual termination, positive contact indication, test button for regular inspection, Easy and simple mounting and replacement, Field fittable Auxiliary Contacts and Air Circulation design.


Current Rating 25, 40 & 63A
Sensitivity 30mA, 100mA, 300mA
Body color RAL 7035
Knob color RAL 7005
OFF indication Green
Body Finish Matt Finishing
ON indication Red
Air Circulation Design Yes