Application : Useful at small Intersections as low cost Solar utilities where electricity availability is an issue or in urban areas where the traffic system
installed on electricity fails.


SIZE AVAILABLE 1) Available in Single Aspect. 2) Available in Double Aspect or as Required. 3) Available in three sizes of front Window. 4) 200 mm, 300 mm,
Diameter 200 mm, 300 (mm). Height can be adjusted from 1900 (mm) to 2900 (mm) customer design also available.
Material Metal Platform, Light housing-Poly carbonate
Solar Cell Mono Crystalline 30 Watts
Battery 12volts 30Ah, Maintenance –free
Light Source 5mm LED (8000-1000mcd) encapsulated in Convex
Wave Length Red Colour 600 Nm; Green Colour 526 Nm
Luminous Intensity 8000 - 9000 mcd.
Display Constant Light, timing can be adjusted from 15 - 90 Seconds.
Flash Rate 40-60/ Min (In case of Fault / Low Battery)
Visual Distance > 1 Km.
Working Time in Rainy Days > 48 hours when fully charged