Highway Guardrail


Metal Crash Barriers popularly known as Highway Guardrails are the need of today and tomorrow. With
futuris c concepts emerging for ensuring safety and security of lives on road, metal crash barrier is an
essen al and crucial product in today’s fast paced life. Metal crash barrier is specifically an elements or
infra structural support for road safety which ensures safety and security of people and vehicle during
unforeseen circumstances namely, road accidents or mishaps. Moreover, metal crash barriers are beneficial
for drivers traveling in late night. Metal crash barrier (GUARDRAILS) absorbs the impact of energy emi ed from
the collec ng vehicle which thus results into minimiza on of risk and damage to vehicles and passengers. Hence,
it diverts the vehicle from colliding to ge ng it post in balance on roads. Highways, flyovers and bridges.
Cold roll formed section
3mm 2.67 mm thick HR sheet
High embankments/Sharp Curves
High density fast moving traffic areas in ci es.
Median barriers as road separators.
Protec on from tress, rocky area etc.
Fe 410/Fe 360 grade steel conforming to IS 5986 or IS 10748 or equivalent.
Hot dip galvanised ‐ 550 gms/m 2 conforming to MORT&H Hilly terrain, Ghats, curves, high embankments
(Ministry of Road Transport & Highways) and IS Test tracks in automobile industry, factories, and mines.
Anchored to foundation on Ground & Bridges
Channel section of 75x150x75x5xmm.
5mm thick HR sheet
Fe 410/Fe 360 grade steel conforming to IS 5986 or IS 10748 or IS or equivalent.
Hot dip galvanised ‐ 550 gms/m2 or 610 gms/m2conforming to MORT&H
(Ministry of Road Transport & Highways) and IS
Anglised, Fish Tail or Tubular end terminals
Hot dip galvanized or electro galvanised bolts, nuts and washers.
Conforming to IS 1364 and IS 1367 of grade 4.6 MS.
16 mm dia Button head bolts for W‐beam to W‐Beam to Spacer connection
16 mm dia Hexagonal head type bolts for spacer to post connection.
Mass housing complex, townships.
Airports, Railway sta ons and parking places.