Stage Play


"Drama lies in extreme exaggeration of the feelings, an exaggeration that dislocates flat everyday reality". This Antaragni will unveil a commitment to art of theater, to the cultural fabric of the audience, bringing to them a wholesome feast of drama to awaken and thrill the senses. So gather the troupe, watch and perform ingeniously written scripts, transforming them into mesmerizing plays, sparred up with the dexterity and forte of actors guided by adept direction.

1. Teams should submit a soft copy of script of the play, at , during registration latest by 15th October. Failing to do so by the specified time would lead to elimination.
2. Play could be in English, Hindi or Bi-lingual, or a Musical Drama.
3. Use of flammable substances the candles, matches or cigarettes or any alcoholic product during performance on stage is not allowed and will result in disqualification.
3. There is no restriction on the team size. Two teams from same college can participate but the entries should be in different language.
4. A team can have four backstage/props managers, one light in charge, one sound in-charge and a round-up artist (if any they have to be registered).
5. Also provide the name of the Director, (who may or may not be an actor in the play itself, since there is an award for the "Best Director".
6. The performance can be an original or an adaptation. There are no constraints regarding that. Inappropriate content, religious blasphemy and vulgarity/obscenity will NOT be tolerated.
7. In any case judge's decision will be final.

Elimination Round:
1. Every team would have to stage a part of their play.
2. Time Limit: - 10 minutes to perform the play (empty stage to empty stage)
3. 3 minutes for adjusting stuff before the play and 2 minutes for removing the stuff after the play.
4. Not adhering to time limit will result in negative marking.
5. 6 teams will qualify for the final round.

Final Round:
Time limit for the play would be 75 minutes (empty stage to empty stage) with a penalty for every extra minute. A slot would be provided for technical run, only for the finalists just before the finals.


1st prize30000
2nd prize20000
3rd prize10000