Folk Dance Group Competition

Rules and Regulations:
1. Teams have to perform one of the following prepared dance forms: Alkap, Bhangra, Bhavai, Bihu, Cheraw (bamboo dance) ,Chhau, Dhap, Dumhal, Gambhira,Garba (dandiya), Gaur dance, Ghoomar, Ghumura, Giddha, Gondhal, Jawara ,Jhoomer,Kalbelia, Karakattam, Koli, Lavani, Naga dance, Dollu Kunitha, Padhar, Raas.
2. If team wants to perform a form other than those mentioned above, they are required to contact the event managers before the registration.
3. Time Limit: 7-10 minutes.
4. Team size: Minimum 6, Maximum 12.
Stage Limit: Maximum 12 , Minimum : no restrictions.
5. Participants may sing during the performance.
Note: In case of any discrepancy, contact the coordinators.

Judging Criteria: Choreography, authenticity (costumes, props, stylistic elements, music etc.), Sense of space, overall impact, Expressional and rhythmic elements.

Note: In case of conflicts, decision of the judges would be considered final


1st prize:12000
2nd prize:8000