Ritambhara is for the fashion junkies as well as for those who dream of being the next Gianni Versace or Coco Chanel. Let your style and glamour set the stage on fire. Expect renowned fashion connoisseurs to judge you and an audience of 10,000 to pump your spirits. For the audience, the show will have all the ingredients for a sizzling night witnessing handsome dons and beautiful damsels dressed in attires ranging from the breathtaking to the outrageous to sweep you off your feet.
A. Rules and Regulations:

Pre-Fest Rules:
1. There will be 2 stages: Preliminary stage (Time Limit: 5 minutes) and Finale containing 2 rounds (Time Limit: 7 minutes for each round)
2. Only 1 team from a college is allowed and the member limit should be at least 12 and not exceed 17. Choreographer and designer are included in the member limit. There is no limit on the number of models in a team as long as the team limits (12-17 members) are satisfied.
3. Being an inter collegiate festival, external help in any form whether be choreography or design is strictly forbidden. If brought to the notice of the coordinators, the team stands disqualified from the event.
4. Each team should submit a soft copy of the postcard sized photographs of all the models along with the numbers marked in the order of their choice.
5. Teams are also required to submit a list of all the models with the numbers against their names prior to the fest. This will help the judges to have a closer and finer look at them and also help them decide for Mr. and Ms. Ritambhara (best male and female model awards respectively).
6. Penalty will be imposed if the time limit is exceeded by the team.
7. The teams are responsible for their dresses, makeup and background music. Teams are requested to bring the soundtrack along with them in easily transferable media such as pendrives. They are also suggested to keep a copy of the soundtrack in their email ids as a precaution in case the media does not work properly. The tracks should be at least 10-12 minutes long (greater than the time limit of the sequence). Also, teams have to send their music tracks 10 days prior to the fest to avoid inconvenience for both the organizers and the participants during the fest.
8. Teams are suggested to make specific demands regarding light and smoke requirements (if any) in advance in documented format by mails as proper professional lights will be available. They are also suggested to keep a printed copy of the same demands with them, to avoid last minute hassles.
9. The ramp dimensions will soon be provided.

During the fest Rules:
1. Water, fire and animals in any form are not allowed on stage and ramp. The final discretion for the usage of all props will rest entirely in hands of the coordinators of the event. Also, the teams to requested to bring their own props for their performance, any request will not be entertained.
2. Teams are advised to use SENSUOUSNESS rather than OBSCENITY. The repercussions of obscenity may get reflected in the marks. So, A team is advised to refer with the coordinators in case they think that their sequence might cross the line.
3. Teams will be given practice slots before Prelims and the Finale to improvise their timings and performance.
4. he decision of the judges will be FINAL and BINDING for all.
5. All teams are requested to reach at least 90 minutes before the event starts.
6. Green rooms will be provided to the teams only for final touch-ups subject to availability. All the teams have to come dressed and make-up done for the event from the accommodation site only, green rooms will not be provided for dressing up for the event.
7. Smoking is not allowed inside auditorium premises.
8. Only Ritambhara participants are allowed for entry in the auditorium during prelims. Do not request for entries of your fellow college mates or any other person.
9. The details regarding themes will be posted later on the Ritambhara website and/or the Official facebook page.
10. Teams will have to choose a single theme (out of those provided) and showcase it in Ritambhara Prelims. If qualified for the Finals, teams will have to showcase their own collections (open theme) and also the theme based designs, they have showcased in the Prelims.

B. Judging Criteria:
1. Innovation
2. Makeup and Styling
3. Props Used
4. Choreography and Ramp walk
5. Costume
6. Adherence to the theme
7. Overall effect on the Crowd

P.S.: Please visit the Ritambhara Facebook page regularly for any updates or change to any rules and regulations.


1st prize:35000
2nd prize:20000