Mr. and Miss Antaragni


A shrewd personality with a never-say-die attitude and a sharp tongue is like checkmate in a game of chess. You can never win against it. The ultimate test of wit and attitude, where you battle it out for the most sought after tittle of the festival.

Fill in and submit the questionnaire online or offline to register for the event. Based on your creativity, intelligence, wit and common sense 30 entries will be shortlisted for the next round. The form can be filled on the Antaragni website or collected from the event desk during Antaragni. Online Form: This time apart from offline form we will have the option for online filling of the Form, from which we will select participants who will be called to the campus for the event.


Interview Round:
This round is to test your confidence and spontaneity. A panel of interviewers will pose certain questions of you based on your form. We are not looking for mastery of talent or eloquence, but the uniqueness, attitude and energy that you bring to the stage.

Final Rounds: The games end here. A packed auditorium, hanging on to your every word. The stage is all set, just go out there and do what you do best - entertain. Four rounds separate you and the title of Mr. and Ms. Antaragni.
1. Introduction Round: Participants will introduce themselves. Well introduction must contain what art they are going to perform in talent round why and Why you want to be Mr. or Ms. Antaragni(Time Limit: 4 minutes).
2. Talent round: Showcase your talents on the stage. You need not be a maestro, your confidence and ability to engage the audience is what matters. Your talent doesn’t need to be a conventional one either- you can not only sing, dance or play an instrument; but can also recite prose or poetry, present an act, mimicry or even a martial arts performance- whatever you need to do to convey to the audience what you’re all about! (For Instrument players maximum of two accompanists will be allowed) Time Limit:5 minutes
3. Extempore Round: Here main centre of concentration will be the instinct and the spontaneity of the participants. Participant will be thrown in a situation where he/she will have to find a solution. They may be asked to continue an act of video clip, or given an act involving on-hand improvisation using a set of props. This round may even involve participants working in pairs to complete the challenge. Time Limit :3 Minutes
4. Compere's and Judges Round: Each participant get five minutes to "duel". It's one-on-one, you against the comperes. There is only one(unsaid) rule, the compere always wins. What matters is how much of a fight you put up. The questions in this round will be based on what you fill up in your forms, some background information, and whatever else we manage to dig up. You have wowed the audience, the comperes, all that is left is to charm the judges and walk away with the title of Ms./ Mr. Antaragni. The judges will have a free hand for this round. They can ask anything and everything that suits their whims.

Note: The rounds described are subjected to minor changes which shall be pre-informed to participants well in time.


1. There is no restriction on the number of entries from a college.
2. If a participant fails to stick to the stipulated time limit mentioned below, penalty will be imposed on his/her score for that round.
3. Participants are not allowed to use their own props. The final discretion for the usage of all props will rest entirely in hands of the coordinators of the event.
4. Judge's decision would be final and binding.
5. All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the event managers.


1st prize:8000 each