"The art of mime encompasses all the feelings of the soul". It's the perfect time to bring out the silent actor hidden in you. We bring you a stage to perform this unique skill of yours at your best and earn the honour of Mime Star from the Antaragni'18 and earn prizes.

1. Each team can have maximum of 15 members.
2. Time limit is 12 minutes (empty stage to empty stage) for each team.
3. Negative points for exceeding the time limit.
4. The act should not contain any dialogues or lip sync.
5. No act shall contain any offensive, obscene, disrespectful actions or gestures. The act will be immediately stopped and the entry will be disqualified, if these instructions are not followed.
6. Points will be given on the basis of innovation, depiction of the situation, team work and expressions.

The competition will consist of one round:
Time Limit: 12 minutes
Each team must follow the time limit. Not adhering to time limit will result in negative marking.


1st prize12000
2nd prize8000