Western Group Dance Competition
Rules and Regulations:
1. Team size: Minimum 5 and maximum 28
2. For elimination and first round of finals minimum 5 and maximum 18 are allowed on stage at a time.\n\t

  • For 2nd round of Finals maximum 24 are allowed on stage at a time.

    Elimination round:
    1. Teams will have to perform to a suitably edited part of the music from their main performance. The music which is used in the elimination round has to be a part of the first round of the finals.
    2. Time limit : Minimum: 2 minutes ; Maximum: 4 minutes


    Round 1:
    1. Teams should present their prepared performances within 7-10 minutes (music piece duration).
    2. Costumes and props will be included in the judging criteria for this round.

    Round 2:
    Note : Teams will be given the movie to be depicted in this round randomly from a list of movies after the prelims. The First come First Serve Lottery system will be followed. ( Only Captain/ Leader is allowed to take part)
    1. Each of the selected teams get to depict the given Bollywood movie by their performance in this round.
    2. The teams have to depict the story of their respective movie without using the songs of the movie given to them.
    3. Apart from the edited songs, usage of only the recorded voice of any team member (if needed) in the performance is permitted. Usage of songs from the given movie leads to direct disqualification of the team. Also, it is strictly notified that this round is called Dance-Drama and thus the performance is expected to depict a dramatic situation with dance. Just a drama performance might not help your cause.
    4. Time limit: Maximum - 8 minutes, Minimum - 5 minutes.

    Judging criteria:

    Round 1: Synchronisation, choreography, expressions, energy level, stage utilization, costumes and props, overall impact, innovation and presentation.
    Note: For Eliminations, costumes and props won't be included in the judging criteria otherwise the judging criteria of Eliminations are same as of Round 1 of Finals.

    Round 2:
    Drama: Effective creation of the theme of the movie, expressions, costume and props, innovation.
    Dance: Choreography, synchronization, stage utilization, coherence of dance to story, expressions, costume and props, overall impact.

    Note: In case of conflicts, decision of the judges would be considered final. And, scoresheet of all the judges will be made available to all the participating team.

  • Specifications

    1st prize:40000
    2nd prize:30000
    3rd prize:20000