IRIS (Aperture)


Bring out the artist in you who wants to capture the very essence of this world and then some, be it digital or retro. Show us your creativity blossoming from the hurdles we place. Show us your best photographs for the themes given below. Show us your ability to instill a 1000 words into a photograph.

Rules and Guidelines
1. No restrictions on Equipment. (No cameras/equipments shall be provided by us.)
2. Each Participant can submit upto 2 Photographs per theme.
3. Photo must be clicked only during allotted time and exif values will be checked.
4. You must NOT make your entry public before the results are declared.
5. Your photos should not contain any explicit content.
6. Only Basic Editing is allowed. Participants MUST NOT add or remove elements from photographs. Participants MAY crop a photo and perform colour corrections and processing in keeping with a realistic representation of the subject. You MAY change an image from colour to black and white. Extreme photo manipulation, stitching and combining of images is forbidden.

Judging Criteria - Creativity and Innovation, Correlation to Theme and Composition and Framing


Prizes:Photography accessories worth ₹30,000