Western Solo Dance Competition

Rules and Regulations:
1. This is a solo dance competition.
2. Dance styles can vary from western Hip - Hop to typical free style Bollywood to folk. Classical is not included in Estampie. Dance Styles NOT Allowed : Classical (Bharatanatyam, Sattriya, Odissi, Mohiniyattam, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Kathak, Chhau, Thang Ta, Gaudiya Nritya).
Note: Any other kind of Dance styles Apart from the ones mentioned are allowed in this event.(It is advisable to talk to the event managers regarding the dance form before the event)
Note: These Dance styles are covered in the separate Event "Nrityangana", So please register in that event.
Note: Any kind of FUSION ( between styles that are allowed and that are not allowed ) is strongly encouraged in Estampie but not in Nrityangana .

Eliminations :
1. Contestants will have to perform a part of the prepared dance.
2. Music track for the elimination round must be a part of the prepared dance sequence i.e. the one to be performed in Round 1 of the finals.
3. Time limit: Maximum - 1 Minute 30 Seconds.


Round 1:
1. Full performance of the prepared dance.
2. Time limit: Maximum - 5 minutes Minimum - 2 Minutes 30 Seconds.
3. Participants are allowed to use props for a part of their performance.

Round 2:
1. This will be a competition/battle between any two randomly chosen participants with music given on the spot.
2. Each battle would be of 6 minutes with the two participants performing for 60 seconds alternately on random music.

Judging criteria:
Round 1: Choreography, expressions, energy level, stage utilisation, costumes and props, innovation, overall impact.
Round 2: The aptness of choreography for the given music, energy level, presentation, innovation, uniqueness of dance and overall impact.

Note: For Elimination round costumes and props won't be included in the judging criteria, In case of conflicts, decision of the judges would be considered final.


1st prize:6000
2nd prize:4000
3rd prize:2500