Photo Story provides an opportunity for participants to develop or explore one theme or subject in a deeper, more comprehensive manner by using a series of photographs. It is a 4- day long event and shall run throughout the duration of the festival. The participants are required to submit a set of photos depicting a particular story/theme. Photostory as a whole should deliver a narrative not by words but by the overall content and creative sequencing of photographs.

Rules and Guidelines
1. No restrictions on Equipment, although use of DSLRs is encouraged. (No cameras/equipments shall be provided by us.)
2. A Short Synopsis of the story depicted (.txt or .doc format only) must be submitted as well.
3. The photographs must be clicked during Antaragni'19. The EXIF data will be checked and plagiarism will be dealt with severely.
4. You are advised NOT to make your entry public before the results are declared.
5. Only Basic Editing is allowed. Participants MUST NOT add or remove elements from photographs. Participants MAY crop a photo and perform colour corrections and processing in keeping with a realistic representation of the subject. You MAY change an image from colour to black and white. Extreme photo manipulation, stitching and combining of images is forbidden. The participants must submit the original photograph in case of digital editing. Files must be named numerically.

Judging Criteria
Each of the entries will be judged separately on the following basis - Creativity and Innovation, Effective Portrayal of Story, Composition and Framing and Lighting


Prizes:Photography accessories worth ₹20,000