A portrait depicts many emotions- grief, elation, gloom, beauty, void, ecstasy, euphoria. Face-It is a competition where you have to click a portrait which can convey such an emotion.

Rules and Guidelines
1. No restrictions on Equipment.
2. The photos must be your own original work.
3. No cameras/ equipments shall be provided by us.
4. Photo must be clicked only during allotted time and exif values will be checked.
5. You must NOT make your entry public before the results are declared.
6. Your photos should not contain any explicit content.
7. Entries must be made in accordance with the competition instructions. If they are submitted any later than the specified closing time, they will be declared invalid.
8. Only Basic Editing is allowed. Participants MUST NOT add or remove elements from photographs. Participants MAY crop a photo and perform colour corrections and processing in keeping with a realistic representation of the subject. You MAY change an image from colour to black and white. Extreme photo manipulation, stitching and combining of images is forbidden. The participants must submit the original photograph in case of digital editing.

Judging Criteria - Effective Portrayal of Emotions, Composition and Framing, Lighting and Brownie Points for somehow depicting multiple emotions.


Prizes:Photography accessories worth ₹10,000