Battle of Art


Antaragni brings a new twist this time rather than doing the same old boring school days sketching competition you fight with passion in these 3 days long battle of imagination . You have to take your creativity as far you can and create masterpiece of your choice , but we want you to add your own little style your own tang to an otherwise boring pattern. Bring back a folk style into fashion or add your own modern touch to art filled with enhancement and magic!

Rules and Regulations:
1. It is a three-day long event, in which you can use any medium of art to give your best.
2. The theme will be provided at the start of fest and submissions will close at 1600 hrs of Day 4.
3. Participants can use any medium, any style and they will have to bring their own stuff as per their requirements, only sheets will be provided by us.
4. Only sheets signed by Heads of Fine Arts Events can be used, we will be providing the sheets on Day 2. If the participating team wishes to use a different sheet, they'll have to approach above-mentioned first.
5. Team size: 3 members.

Judging criteria: Innovation, Creativity, Thematic Relevance and Description.


1st prize5000
2nd prize3000
3rd prize2000