Rock Salt cleanses and deodorizes the air, reduces allergy and asthma, increases energy levels by absorbing the water molecules in the air and hence the dust in them as well making the air cleaner.
It emits low intensity light therefore should be placed somewhere you spend a lot of time. It does not light up the room.
Other Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Benefits
• Improving breathing problems and reducing allergies.
• Less colds and flu (due to less airborne viruses).
• Increased relaxation and calmness and less stress.
• Improved ability to concentrate and work for longer periods around electrical equipment like computers.
• Fewer headaches and migraines.
• Reduced symptoms from disorders like rheumatism and arthritis.
• An improvement in skin diseases.
• Easier to get to sleep at night.
• A better overall sense of health and wellbeing