FOR ( 69 DIA )


We offer a wide assortment of efficient packaging solutions. Based on new technologies, our packaging equipment are popular for their impeccable performance, high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and durability. Our machines are sturdy and equipped with all preventive circuitry enabling a lay man to operate and being attended by a local electrician. These sealers are suitable for the packaging of refrigerating, seasoned food, microwave, moisture resistant & carry-out food._x000D_ _x000D_ Our range includes:_x000D_ 1. Manual Machines (Manual feeding & manual sealing stroke)_x000D_ 2. Semi-Automatic Machines (Manual feeding & auto sealing stroke)_x000D_ 3. Fully Automatic conveyer based for industrial applications.( auto feeding & auto sealing stroke )_x000D_ 4. High Productivity_x000D_ 5. Air Tight Sealing_x000D_ 6. Low Power Consumption _x000D_ We offer complete 1 year offsite warranty on all our machines._x000D_ We can also make customized mac