Lucent Green Pvt. Ltd.


Established in 2014, Life Lite lighting is a proud Indian-owned brand by Lucent Green Private Limited operating within India. The company’s main business is to provide energy auditing services to help business and home owners to identify the various factors that contribute to inefficient use of energy which result in high utilities costs and further replace them using energy efficient solutions.The company was founded by Shri G.K GUPTA.

Our team of experts researchers use their findings to develop improvement solutions at strive to aim at reducing excessive energy wastage which ultimately lead to significant cost and resource savings.The extensive knowledge base and relevant experience of its directors MR. SHIVAM AGGARWAL, MR. KSHITIZ KAPOOR and MR. KAPIL GOEL have established the company as a known brand in the market.

We are highly committed to our product quality and performance, all our products boast of high quality and standards. Most importantly, all our products comply with the Indian Standards of energy efficiency.

Lucent Green Private Limited, strives to source, manufacture and supply lighting products which meet the aesthetic and technical specifications of our clients and maintain our position as the first choice partner for a number of prestigious projects both at home and internationally. At Lucent Green we combine creativity, innovation and curiosity with continuity and reliability over time.