TIARA kitchen sinks


MRP ₹36,550.00


With the advent of Modular kitchens, people are installing kitchen sinks that are stylish to look at apart from being utilitarian. These fashion series sinks are available in stainless steel, ceramic etc. and they have got an average thickness of 1.4mm and a depth of about 10”. They come with or without the attached water faucet and they are mostly made in China and imported from there.
These sinks have a satin finish and the bowl shapes they are available in are square, round, oval etc. They are under mounted and they have no additional cavities or holes in them. They can be available in twin bowl designs or single bowl designs. These are easy to clean and can be installed in both, in a jutting out position as well as be set into the kitchen slabs.


OVERALL SIZE (in mm) 1145 x 510
OVERALL SIZE (in inches) 45 x 20
BOWL SIZE (in mm) 523 x 448 x 250
BOWL SIZE (in inches) 21 x 18 x 10