Vacuum Heat Treatment


LVH has world class vacuum furnaces of "versa treat" brand with latest technology from its own group LVT. Mainly concentrating to ensure consistent metallurgical results as per standards which in turn results in multi fold life of heat treated products. LVH production centres are spread across the country in order to serve the customers at their door step.

LVH has well designed systems & components as in very good pumping stations, optimized heat exchangers including the quintessential quenching fan and the optimized heating chambers.

A specific characteristic of the heating system is its optimized measuring and control system. It ensures a uniform heat transmission to the work piece and into the heating chamber and thus prevents the development of undesired heat stress.

Key Features

No scaling or decarburization.
Bright surface finish.
Uniform & gradual heating.
Uniform temperature throughout the hot zone.
Optimum process know-how ensures adequate soaking times, heating rate & cooling rates.
360° Gas circulations throughout the workload ensure uniform properties.
Consistent results due to fully automatic operation.
Best obtainable microstructures owing to all of the above criticalities.
Entire process data can be stored & retrieved for various analyses.