Research & Development


Lakshmi Vacuum has a facility for The Centre for Research & Development. The main objective of the group is to increase its activities in the R&D arena by focusing more on innovation in furnace manufacturing and heat treatment process that have a positive impact on the environment. We aim to assume a development role, matching innovation, current demands in process and technical knowledge to meet the customer needs. Vacuum oil quenching furnace is our recent innovation made to suit the customer requirement. The other major breakthrough was Vacuum sintering with debinding facility. Vacuum multi chamber with auto quenching transfer and vacuum melting furnaces are the projects under development. Other projects we are in the process of taking up are Vacuum high temperature furnace up to 2000c with hydraulic pressure application for special metal to ceramic welding technology. Lakshmi Vacuum is planning to release the Continuous vacuum furnace with dual quenching facility for higher production rate at the most economical prices shortly.

We have also been successful in implementing the development of cryogenic for cold work application after vacuum hardening to prove the multi fold tool life for few of our customers. Failure analysis for pressure die casting dies, alluminium extrusion dies and cutting tools is being carried out for many of our customers.

Key Features

General microstructure studies
Failure analysis
Hardness testing
Process development, etc