KENT Smart Mixer Grinder


MRP ₹4,500.00


High-speed Grinder with Glass Jar for Hygienic Grinding
Make your life in the kitchen a happy one with KENT Smart Mixer Grinder. With this smart appliance, you can easily get your mixing and grinding jobs done in just a few minutes. High-quality blades, 3-speed operation, additional chutney jar and pulse function make this appliance a must-have for every kitchen.

3 Speed Operation
One of the salient features of this smart appliance is its 3- speed operation with pulse function. The unique feature makes it easy to grind and blend ice, spices and other food items. Simply choose the level of speed as per the desired result.

Make Yummy Chutneys
Indian snacks are incomplete without chutneys. KENT Smart Mixer Grinder comes with a special chutney jar which makes it easy to prepare your all-time favourite chutneys within minutes.

Grind Spices
Homemade spices have a very special taste and aroma. However, you need a high power mixer and blender to grind them. KENT Smart Mixer Grinder comes with a high-speed motor which efficiently grinds any kind of spice.

Enjoy Refreshing Smoothies & Cold Coffee
Whether you need to make cold coffee or yummy smoothies, adding ice is a necessity, especially during summer. KENT Smart Mixer Grinder comes with a special pulse function powered with high quality stainless steel blades that efficiently crushes ice.

High-Grade Stainless Steel Blades
KENT Smart Mixer Grinder is equipped with high- grade stainless steel blades that not only make grinding, blending and mixing easy but also increase the durability of the product.

Auto Shut-off
One of the most important features of KENT Smart Mixer Grinder is Auto Shut-off. For the safety of the users, this feature automatically shuts off the appliance in case of an electrical fault or overheating.

Hygienic Glass Jars
Keeping the grinding and mixing jars clean is important to ensure that you prepare food in a hygienic way. The two glass jars of KENT Smart Mixer Grinder ensure that you can easily clean them and continue with grinding and blending in a hygienic way.


Model Name KENT Smart Mixer Blender
Model Number 16029
Net Weight 3 Kg
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220V, AC 50 Hz
Jar Capacity 1.5 L
Chutney Jar Capacity 0.2L


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