KENT Kettle Cum Flask


MRP ₹2,900.00


Now, prepare your favourite beverages and soups in minutes with the smart and stylish KENT Kettle cum Flask. The double wall stainless steel body and 360-degree rotation make it convenient and safe to use.

2-in-1 Appliance
A unique combination of kettle and flask makes it a handy appliance for your kitchen. Depending on your preference, you can use the appliance as a kettle to boil water or as a flask to store hot water.

Superfast Boiling
KENT Kettle cum Flask helps in boiling water faster than a microwave or stovetop. The 1500 W heating plate makes it easy to boil water or make any other beverage in minutes.

Double Wall SS Body
KENT Kettle Cum Flask comes with a double wall stainless steel body that prevents penetration of outside temperatures, thereby maintaining the temperature of the stored liquid.

360 Degree Rotation
Designed for convenience, KENT Kettle cum Flask comes with 360-degree rotating base for easy boiling and serving.

Concealed Heating Element
The heating element is the most important part of KENT Kettle cum Flask. The heating element of the appliance is properly concealed and sealed to keep it safe from any kind of damage.


Product Name KENT Kettle cum Flask
Product Code 16043
Capacity 1.5 L
Net Weight 1.15kg
Max Power 1500 W
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220- 240 V AC, 50 Hz.